Beijing Workshop, June 22-23, 2013

Western Medicine in China, 1800-1950

On June 22-23, 2013 Peking University Center for History of Medicine and IUPUI will host a joint second international research conference “Western Medicine in China, 1800-1950,” in order to facilitate communication between scholars from China and abroad to share the results of their research, and to expand this field of scholarship. The conference will be in Chinese and English.






Wang Yong


Peking Union Medical College

To the benefit of the Chinese people: Roger Sherman Greene’s scientific medicine education mission in China (1914-1935)

Peter L. Twohig


Canada Research Chair and Professor, Saint Mary’s University

Maritime Medical Women in Missions




Jiang Yueping

《天津护理》杂志 Tianjin Nursing Management

1908-1915年金韵梅在天津暨创建护理医学 Jin Yunmei’s establishment of medical nursing in Tianjin


Yan Yiwei



Peter Parker’s Singapore medical activities and the motives for the establishment of early Christian hospitals

John R Watt

Vice President, ABMAC Foundation, New York

Dissemination of Biomedicine through Public Health: Innovations in China in the 1930s and 1940s.

Emily Baum


University of California, San Diego

From Madness to Mental Illness: Western Psychiatric Philanthropy in 1930s Beijing

Carlos Hugo Sierra


University of Basque Country
Basque Association of Oriental Studies


Symbology and Imaginary of Corporeal Representation: The Introduction of Western Anatomical Medicine into China During Second Half of the Nineteenth Century

Nicole Elizabeth Barnes


Boston College


Wartime Public Health and the Indigenization of Scientific Biomedicine:

Chen Zhiqian and the Sichuan Provincial Health Administration, 1939-1945

KANG, Jong Hyuk David


The Chinese University of Hong Kong


The Birth of the Republic and Professional Nurses in Hong Kong: Missionaries, Women, and Health Care (1912-1920)

卜丽萍Liping Bu


Alma College


Western Medicine and Chinese Women Doctors: Pioneers in the Field


Sean Hsiang-lin Lei

中央研究院近代史研究所暨陽明大學科技與社會研究所 Academia Sinica


Qi-Transformation and the Steam Engine
The Incorporation of Western Anatomy and Re-Conceptualisation of the Body in Nineteenth-Century Chinese Medicine



Jiang Zhushan

东华大学历史系副教授 Donghai University
图像中的医疗与物质文化:日治时期台湾的消灭「南京虫」大作战(1895-1945) Medical treatment and material culture in images: The struggle to eliminate a breakout of “Nanjing parasite” in Japanese-controlled Taiwan, 1895-1945

Howard Chiang

University of Warwick

The Western Biomedical Construct of Sex in China, 1850-1950

Jennifer Ryan


Harvard University

Topographies of Tenderness: A History of How Acupressure Became Chinese


Yu Xinzhong





A modern “magic weapon”: Transformations in late Qing public health mechanisms and modern reflections


Wendy Lee



Indiana University Medical School

The First generation of Chinese Medical Educators: The Lost Stories


Liu Xisong

北海市人民医院 Beihai City Peoples Hospital


The establishment, practice, evolution, and usefulness of the Beihai “Universal Benevolence” Leprosarium

Alexandra Pfeiff

European University Institute, Florence.

 “The Role of the Chinese Red Cross Society for China’s Medical Modernization”

Ian Skoggard


Human Relations Area Files at Yale University

In the Bonds of Love: Expressions of Empathy in the Personal Diaries and Letters of Western Medical Practitioners in China, 1834-1944.

Shawn XY-Lu Foster

University of Minnesota

Yan Fuqing and Modern Public Health Education in China, 1911-1937


Cui Junfeng


Sun Yatsen University,


Jin Yunmei and the Red Cross Rescue mission during the Sino-Japanese War (1894-5)—simultaneously discussing the problem of reverse translation of late Qing and Republican Chinese names from English


Fan Duan


National University of Singapore


——沪上“混淆”社会慈善与医政事业的医院体系,1927-1937 No matter Chinese or Western, plans to deal with poverty and sickness—Hospital structures that “blur” social charity and medical governance business in Shanghai


Liu Xuan


香港中文大学 Chinese University of Hong Kong

医学与商业:清末上海“函授新医学讲习社”研究 Medicine and commerce: Research on “Correspondence Course for New Medicine” in late Qing Shanghai


Ma Zhiying


University of Chicago

An “Iron Cage” of Civilization?

Missionary Psychiatry and the Making of a “Chinese Family”

at the Turn of the Century


Shen Yubin

Georgetown University

Peking Union Medical College and Global Networks in the Development of Tropical Medicine in Modern China: A Case Study on Ernest C. Faust, 1910s-1020s


Zhou Donghua



Hangzhou Normal University

福音医学、麻风病救治与晚清中国的卫生现代性 Christian medicine, treatment of leprosy, and the modernization of late Qing public health


Li Shenlan

State University of New York at Binghamton

Lamp and Guard: Wartime Nursing Training in Hunan, 1937-1945


Yang Luwei

Nankai University

Harvard-Yenching Institute

Birth without pain? cultural and medical ideas on labor pain in early 20th century China



Li Hengjun

National University of Singapore

Environment, Climate and Race: the Western Physicians’ perspectives on Chinese Consumption (tuberculosis), 1850s-1890s

Xuan Geng, 耿瑄

University of Minnesota

"Ecology, or Human Behavior?: Plagues in Northeast China, 1910s-1940s"