The History of Western Medicine in China

This project, co-sponsored by Indiana University and the Peking University Health Science Center (北京大学医学部), has received support from the Rockefeller Archive Center and a generous grant from the Henry Luce Foundation.

We are grateful for the assistance and advice from a number of scholars from around the world who have offered suggestions and encouraged this work.

Its goal is to promote the study of the history of Western medicine in China from 1800 to 1950 both by sponsoring research as well as making historical resources more readily available, both in libraries and archives as well as on the web. It is meant to serve a wide audience from research scholars to students and the general public, both in China and around the world.

The first phase of the project has concentrated on historical materials in China and North America, but we are eager to expand to other holdings in East Asia and Europe. Likewise, we are interested in expanding the time period covered past 1950.


For more information, see "participants."

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