National Central University, the College of Medicine(1932);National Medical College of Shanghai(1937)

Province: Shanghai Shi (municipality)
Alternate Names: 國立上海醫學院(1932-1985);國立中央大學醫學院(1927-1952);上海第一醫學院(1952-1985);上海醫科大學(1985)2000年與復旦大學合併,但“上海醫學院”名稱保留
City(preferred name): Shanghai
City: Shanghai
Sponsoring Organizations: Chinese government
Year: 1927

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Medical Faculty: Full time, 32; part time 5*
Laboratory: Seven laboratories for Anatomy, Histology, Bacteriology, Pathology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, and Physiology, each with capacity for 25*
Library: 1200books, 120 periodicals*
Medium of Instruction: Chinese and English*
Students: 68*
Graduate Students: 12*
Budget: $240,000 from the National Central University, Rockefeller Foundation and China Foundation*

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