National Tung-Chi University, the College of Medicine

Province: Shanghai Shi (municipality)
Alternate Names: 國立同濟大學醫學院;德文醫學堂(1907)
City(preferred name): Shanghai
City: Shanghai
Sponsoring Organizations: by a German Doctor Baolong
Year: 1907

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Medical Faculty: Full time, 16; part time 0*
Laboratory: 32, capacity varying from a few to 10*
Library: 3992 book. 24 magazines, two in English, and two in Chinese, remaining in German. There are also departmental libraries. Anatomy with 350 books and 9 magzines and Physiology 300 books and 8 magazines*
Medium of Instruction: German*
Students: 210*
Graduate Students: 195*
Budget: $228,000 from the Ministry of Education*

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