Transferring Records to University Archives

University Archives Transmittal

IU Indianapolis University Archives is the official repository for university records that have long-term historical, administrative, or legal value created by university units headquartered in Indianapolis or which report to the IU Indanapolis Chancellor. University Archives preserves these important records to serve the interests of IU Idnianapolis and Indiana University generally, which include their administrative, legal, teaching, and research needs.

Staff of University Archives collect records of enduring value from all IU Indianapolis units. All units are required by Indiana University Policy UA-18 to follow the Indiana University Records Retention Schedule (IU login required) and work with University Archives to transfer university records of long-term value to Archives.

According to UA-18, a record is “information in any form [italics added] created, received, or maintained by Indiana University or its employees or agents pursuant to legal obligations or in pursuit of the university’s mission. Examples of a record may include email and other correspondence, meeting minutes, contracts, invoices and receipts, photographs, etc.”

As well as transferring records of long-term value to University Archives, each IU Indianapolis unit is responsible for following the IU Records Retention Schedule to dispose of records that do not have enduring value to the university. Following UA-18 and the IU Records Retention Schedule, staff in individual campus units shall:

  • Inventory records in their offices or storage facilities. This includes electronic-records storage (hard drives, servers, etc.) 
  • Consult with University Archives staff regarding records of long-term value. 
  • Transfer to University Archives those records of long-term value. 
  • Dispose of those records that do not have enduring value. 

UA-18 University Records Retention and Disposition

Indiana University Records Retention Schedule