Data Sets

Publishing a data set refers to the release of data in a fixed form for use by other people. Publishing a data set requires data processing and documentation beyond what may be necessary for the project team to use it. Publishing data is one way to share data for reuse.

Why publish a data set?

How sharing benefits researchers

  • Generate new opportunities for collaboration by making it easy for colleagues to discover your expertise and work
  • Increase the impact of your research - by making it easy for others to discover, use, and cite your data
  • Enhance scientific integrity by publishing and citing your data in publications, which supports validation, replication, and/or extensions of results
  • Make it easier for you and your team to use the data in the future by documenting and describing the data for others
  • Support your students by making well-documented data available to them for training and modeling how sound research is done

How sharing benefits others

  • Open data fosters public trust in science
  • Maximizes the impact of research investments
  • Encourages a culture of openness and accountability in research
  • Promotes scientific progress
  • Encourages collaboration and connection between researchers