Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Graduate Theses and Dissertations

As part of the deposit process for your thesis or dissertation, you may be asked to submit your work to IU Indianapolis’s repository, ScholarWorks.

What is ScholarWorks?

ScholarWorks shares over 25,000 articles, posters, reports, theses, educational materials and historical documents submitted by members of the campus community.

Use ScholarWorks to find readers for your work, get cited, and share knowledge. Learn more about this service.

Copyright & Creative Commons

You retain your copyright after you upload your thesis/dissertation to ScholarWorks.

As part of the submission process, you will be asked if you want to assign a Creative Commons license, which will describe how others can and cannot use your work.

Instructions for Uploading

Have a question about theses and dissertations in IU Indianapolis ScholarWorks? Contact the Center for Digital Scholarship at digschol@iu.edu.