Research Metrics, Impact, & Evaluation

About our services

Librarians in the Center for Digital Scholarship, with subject librarians, support faculty and administrators in using research metrics responsibly. We can help you find, interpret, and use research metrics as evidence of the value and impact of your scholarly works.


In providing this service, we seek to:

  • Support faculty success by helping you effectively disseminate and claim credit for all forms of work
  • Provide equitable access and support for faculty from all backgrounds by equipping them with information and evidence to demonstrate the value and impact of their work
  • Contribute to faculty retention, particularly for women and individuals from minoritized groups make IU Indianapolis a great place to work

Service Philosophy

We believe that research metrics are a useful form of evidence that informs qualitative expert assessment. Our services are guided by the Leiden Manifesto and the Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA). For more details, read our full Service Philosophy.


Our Expertise

Responsible use of metrics requires us to understand and effectively communicate the limitations of and biases in the underlying data, situate them in the appropriate context, and advocate for the value of peer review in evaluating scholarship and scholars.


How we can help you

  • Consultations - with individuals, teams, departments, and schools
  • Events
    • Research Impact Challenge - held each fall and spring
    • Workshops & Presentations
      • Managing Scholarly Profiles
      • Share Freely
      • Gather Evidence
      • Make Your Case 
  • Resources
    • Instructions for gathering metrics from Altmetric, Dimensions, Google Scholar, Scopus, Web of Science
    • Strategies for Researchers
    • How to use the Journal Impact Factor responsibly



"I was greatly surprised when I realized that the help I can receive from library services at my school goes way beyond the typical help to find articles not available in my campus. I was initially feeling overwhelmed with the paperwork I need to put together to create my P&T Dossier…It was such a huge relieve (sic) when after talking with the Health Sciences Librarian I received a detailed and well classified set of different types of metrics for my work. I used this to create and better support my personal statement as well as other documents to include with my dossier. This has been a very appreciated help, it saved me a lot of time and effort that I have been able to invest in other aspects of my work."   

-- Max Jacobo-Moreno, Fairbanks School of Public Health