Jennifer James

Acquisitions Senior Associate
Team: RAD
Office: 1115
Phone: (317) 278-2326

I work on the RAD (resource acquisition and description) team at the UL.  I order streaming videos, manage the workflow for monographic ordering, and manage our team intranet pages.  I also do special coding projects.  For example, I created a Python script to analyze the gender of monographic authors.  I also created a Python script to input an XML file of Civil War telegraphs, and output a separate XML file for each telegraph (5,057 files total).  I am teaching myself Python.  I am currently reading a book called “Natural Language Processing using Python.”  Computational linguistics is one of my passions. 

I also enjoy crocheting.  I am currently working on an afghan with alternating stripes of lavender and baby blue.  
I love to read.  I like YA and adult fantasy/SF novels and graphic novels, especially with LGBTQ+ themes.  My favorite books are the Harry Potter books and the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings books.  I also like computer programming and mathematics books.  I took college calculus in junior high, and am now trying to re-learn it on my own.
I am also passionate about LGBTQ+ rights.

My husband David and I have been together since 1989.  We have 2 children, Oscar (born 2007) and Diana (born 2010).  We have 4 cats.