Research Tools

University Library Access


Use the IU Indianapolis EZProxy bookmarklet when you are on a website where there is a paywall, and you are being asked to pay to access full text. The bookmarklet will check if the Library has a subscription to the item and give you free access when available.

Google Scholar

Search for scholarly documents across the web, with Find It @ IU Indianapolis links. See our FAQ for setting up Google Scholar for off-campus use.

Proxy Account for Faculty

If you have students help with gathering materials, you may want to set up a proxy account to integrate with ILL.

Citation Management Tools

University Library supports the use of several citation management tools. If you have any questions about getting started with using one please contact your subject liaison.


EndNote is a program for managing bibliographic citations. It can automate much of the work of organizing and formatting citations and bibliographies in your writing. EndNote can connect to online sources such as IUCAT and article databases. Further, it formats references in  over 1,000 different bibliographic styles, and more.

EndNote is available free of charge to Indiana University and IU Indy students, faculty and staff. The Windows version of Endnote as well of the Mac version of EndNote are available through IUWare.

If you need help in setting up or using Endnote, please refer to our EndNote How-To Guide.


Zotero allows you to scrape bibliographic metadata (the stuff you need for citing a source) directly from the web with a single click. Whether you are researching on a news site, in an academic database, or in IUCAT, you can easily save your sources and import the citations directly into your writing. 

If you need help in setting up or using Zotero, please refer to our Zotero How-To Guide.


Covidence is a web-based software designed to make systematic reviews easier to conduct and synthesize. You can join the IU Covidence account using your email from any of the IU campuses. You can invite others to join your review from anywhere in the world too. Collaborating with Covidence is easy - no more sharing Endnote libraries or Excel files with others. 

With Covidence you can review titles, abstracts, or full-text PDFs anywhere you have internet access. Educators can use Covidence to teach students how to conduct comprehensive reviews. It's also useful in teaching how to conduct any literature review that requires one or more reviewers.

If you need help in setting up or using Covidence, please refer to our Covidence How-To Guide.