Reference Materials

Reference Collections

The University Library provides a variety of reference materials for use. 

Physical Reference Collections at the Library

The University houses a physical reference collection made up of a variety of encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other materials. They are housed on the second floor of the building.

This is a non-circulating collection. This means that most items in the collection are not eligible to be checked out. For more information on the uses of this collection, please refer to our Reference Collections Policy Page.


Use the City/State/Country guide to help find newspapers and statistics specific to Indianapolis, Indiana newspapers, agencies, and statistics and historic documents and statistics for the United States.


Use the College/Career guide to find resources on information about colleges, financial aid and tests, and lists sites with job listings.


Use the Criticisms/Reviews guide to find links to criticisms and reviews of the performing arts and literature.


Use the directories guide to find links to email, telephone and specialized directories.


Use the Encyclopedias/Dictionaries/Thesauri guide to find general encyclopedias, dictionaries, and thesauri and to subject-specific dictionaries.


Use the Facts/Figures guide to find biographical resources, almanacs, calculators, and statistics on the international, national and state levels.


Use the GIS/Maps/Atlases guide to find atlases and map collections.

Legal Research

Use the Legal Research guide to find resources to help for legal research.