Amenities in the Library

The University Library offers a variety of amenities for visitor use. 

Lactation Room

University Library provides a lactation room for students, staff, and faculty, and is available all hours that the library is open. This room is available on a first-come, first served basis to library users to assist in the transition back to work or school after givng birth and to reduce stress by providing a supportive environment. 

If you have questions or concerns about the University Library Lactation Room please visit the Service and Information Desk, or contact John Cooper or Liz Vine directly.

For a list of all IUPUI lactation rooms and additional nursing mother support information, please visit the Office for Women’s IUPUI Lactation Resources page.


University Library offers lockers for temporary storage of personal possessions. Lockers are available for temporary use, as a storage place for students during their visit on campus.

Locker keys can be checked out at the Service and Information Desk on the 2nd Level of the Library, and used daily for the duration of building hours.

Study Supplies

IUPUI UL offers a variety of tools for check-out and purchase to help you with your studies once you're in the building. See our study supplies webpage for a full list of items.

Food Options in the Library

You are free to eat and drink in the library, provided that you adhere to the library's Food and Drink Policy


Microwaves are located on the first level, on either side of the main entrance. Please be kind enough to leave the microwaves in the condition you would hope to find it, and clean any messes you make (remember - best if used only for food). 

Vending Machines

Vending machines can be found on the first floor to the east of the main entrance. More vending options are available in the connecting breezeway on the second level, on your way to the Kelley School of Business.