Indiana Medical History Museum - Wishard Scrapbook

University Library collaborated with the Indiana Medical History Museum to make this scrapbook, which Dr. William Niles Wishard was heavily involved in the creation of, available in digital format. This treasure, like many of the artifacts on display at the Indiana Medical History Museum, is a window into the history of medicine in Indiana and an introduction to some of the past prominent figures in the Indianapolis Medical Society. Here is a quote from Dr. Wishard's son, William Niles Wishard, Jr., M.D., emphasizing the importance of this resource.


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"There also is the book of portraits of all the past presidents of the Indianapolis Medical Society, together with biographical sketches of each, a work compiled by the Portrait Committee of the Indianapolis Medical Society of which father was chairman. He took an intense interest in this work and regarded it as his last contribution to Medicine. The report of this committee took the form of an illustrated address which he gave to the Society in May, 1940, covering the work of the committee."


Using the yellow navigation box at the top of the page, you may search a particular name (or other relevant keyword), or you may view the scrapbook directly and browse it page by page.

Once viewing the scrapbook, you can use the zoom feature or the clip tool to get a closer look at some of the portraits. The "page & text" view allows you to view clear, type written text derived from the biographical descriptions.

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