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Digital historic Indianapolis newspapers are now included in Hoosier State Chronicles. You are still able to browse and search within the Jewish Post and Opinion Collection but now have the ability to cross search this newspaper with hundreds of other Indiana newspapers. We encourage you to begin accessing the Jewish Post and Opinion through Hoosier State Chronicles as the IU Indianapolis database will be retired by December 1, 2017.

The Jewish Post & Opinion Newspaper (1933-present) is one of the first and only publications to offer insight into the lives of the national and local Jewish communities. Gabriel Murrel Cohen was the founder, editor and publisher of newspaper. “His basic desire was to help people find the truth in their own way. He did not preach to people but gave them a sense of the adventure of the incredible diversity of ideas around which people engage. Rather than not publishing opinions of which he strongly disagreed, he would include them but write an editorial explaining his opposing view.”

This unique publication provides historical insight into such events as WWII from a strictly Jewish perspective that is not readily accessible, especially on the Internet. Another example of news unlikely to be covered anywhere else is the founding of the American Jewish Press Association by Cohen in Indianapolis in 1944.  Digitizing this collection allows access to an audience that presently relies on the current publisher to fill research requests. Requests primarily come from researchers in the United States who are seeking information about a specific Jewish organization, or from researchers who want information about an ancestor who lived in Indiana during the years the newspaper was published.

As the Bicentennial of Indiana in 2016 quickly approaches, a Jewish Post & Opinion digital collection will represent a piece of Indiana history that has been collected from 1933-present and represents the voice the Indiana Jewish Community.

This collection includes issues from the following titles:

Chronicler-Spokesman 1930-12-26 - 1933-10-27
Spokesman 1933-11-03 - 1937-12-31
The Jewish Post 1933-03 - 1946-07-26
Kentucky Jewish Chronicle 1937-05-14 - 1938-12-30
The National Jewish Post 1946-08-02 - 1957-03-08
The National Jewish Post and Opinion 1957-03-15 - 1966-11-11
The Indiana Jewish Post and Opinion 1966-11-18 - 2005-08-17

The Library Fund, a fund of The Indianapolis Foundation

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