Flanner House (Indianapolis, Ind.) Records, 1936-1992 (Digital)

Indianapolis Flanner House, Helping People Help Themselves

The Indiana Historical Society (IHS) and Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI) collaborated to establish this digital project pertaining to Flanner House. The approximately 5,000 digitized objects consist of photographic, manuscript, artifact, and printed images from the IHS and IUPUI Flanner House collections and several items related to Flanner House from various collections at the two repositories. The Indiana Historical Society Flanner House collection can be viewed here.

Flanner House has provided social services to African Americans in Indianapolis since its establishment as a settlement house for a migrant, rural population arriving from the South at the end of the nineteenth century. Flanner House was involved in at least three building projects in Indianapolis: establishment of 181 homes on the westside of Indianapolis; 150 homes on the eastside, near Douglas Park; and the River House Apartments. These online collections provide images of a changing westside neighborhood in Indianapolis over time–from about 1945 through the 1970s.

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