Computer Access Policy for Library Visiting Scholars

University Library is happy to provide short-term access to our computers and online resources as a courtesy to visiting students and faculty from colleges and universities outside Indiana.  Please visit our Computer/Technology Usage for Guests Page for more details.

To obtain a 14-day library computer pass, visiting students and faculty must:

  • Provide a current student or faculty ID.
  • Complete the Library Visiting Scholar User Agreement.

Computer access may be extended for a further 30 days on provision of additional documentation of current student or faculty status. Acceptable forms of documentation include:

  • A letter or email from the library at the guest’s home institution, confirming they are a current library user.
  • A letter or email from a faculty member or administrator at the guest’s home institution, confirming their current status.
  • Documentation such as a student record or class schedule that shows current school enrollment.
  • A letter or email from an IU Indianapolis faculty member supporting the guest’s need for ongoing computer access.

Documentation should be sent to the email address.

Students and faculty from other institutions who are residents of Indiana should register for an Indiana Resident library card.