Photographer/Videographer Guidelines

We ask that all photographers and videographers follow these guidelines to avoid disruption to IU Indianapolis students and faculty and other researchers, for whom this space is provided. While you are in the University Library:

  • If you want to move shelved books to make a shot perfect, ask a library staff person for help in removing and reshelving the items after your shoot. Improper shelving of books may render them in effect lost forever.
  • If you take candid pictures of patrons and staff, please endeavor to be as non-disruptive as possible. If you want a posed shot, please ask for patron/staff cooperation, but do not insist. It is better to bring models with you if you want to do extensive work.
  • Please keep noise to a minimum out of respect for our patrons when they are working.
  • Although the University Library does not wish to limit access to its building, repeated patron complaints regarding any of these issues may result in the restrictions of privileges for the photographer or videographer.
  • Any commercial photography or videography activities require advance written approval from the appropriate campus official. Please contact the Office of Communications & Marketing, (317) 274-7711, for more information