Library Trespass Appeals Process

Sometimes a library visitor/patron behaves in a way that conflicts with either the IU Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities & Conduct, or one of the policies of Indiana University.

In these situations, University Library public services personnel may request that individual leave the building for the day, or seek assistance from the IU Police Department.

In some instances, Library personnel may recommend an individual's library privileges be revoked or that the individual be banned or "trespassed" from the library building for a year or more.

Individuals who are trespassed from the building, have the opportunity to appeal this decision by contacting the Head of Access Services or the Assistant Dean for Administration.

The next step is an appeal meeting, to which the trespassed individual is invited to bring a support person of their choosing. Following the meeting, the Head of Access Services and the Assistant Dean for Administration will make a final decision regarding visitor/patron access going forward.