Support for Purdue University Students, Faculty, and Staff on the IU Indianapolis Campus

The following is a partial listing of services provided by University Library and Purdue West Lafayette Library for Purdue Affiliates on the IU Indianapolis Campus.

IU Indianapolis Librarian assistance will be provided for:

  • Instructor consultations regarding incorporation of research/library/information literacy instruction into the classroom.
  • In class (including virtual) research/library instruction.
  • One-on-one research support for students in the Purdue School of Engineering and other Purdue affiliated courses taught on the IU Indianapolis campus.
  • For Engineering and Technology classes please reach out to Randall Halverson, Engineering & Technology Librarian.
  • For all other classes being taught at Purdue Indianapolis, please reach out to Billy Tringali, Instruction Librarian.
  • If you’re unsure who to contact or have any questions, please reach out to Sara Lowe, Associate Dean for Educational Services

Email Support

Purdue Affiliates will be able to:

  • Check out books and other materials from IU Indianapolis University Library.
  • Utilize IU Indianapolis licensed e-resources while the user is physically in University Library.
  • Reserve University Library study rooms and meeting rooms. Meeting rooms require approval from IU Indianapolis central administration office.
  • Utilize University Library’s 3D Printing services.
  • Ask questions at the University Library information desk and via University Library’s chat service, however if a Purdue affiliate needs support with Purdue course work they will either be:
    • Referred to a Librarian designated as a Purdue support Librarian.
    • Referred to Purdue West Lafayette Library chat service.
    • Referred to Purdue West Lafayette website.
    • Assisted utilizing IU Indianapolis University Library licensed e-resources. 
  • Purdue instructors will be able to place physical materials on reserve at University Library’s checkout desk but this process is initiated through Purdue West Lafayette’s Library.  University Library personnel will work with Purdue West Lafayette personnel rather than directly with instructors teaching Purdue courses.

Services provided by Purdue West Lafayette Library include:

  • Interlibrary loan requests, including requests for books known to be located within the IU system.  Requested items will be mailed by the Purdue West Lafayette Library directly to the Purdue affiliate’s home address/campus.
  • Remote access to licensed e-resources.
  • Purdue student employment opportunities can be explored through the Purdue Student Employment website.
  • Visit the Purdue Libraries and School of Information Science services for Indianapolis students page to learn more.