University Library VR Lab


Our mission at the University Library VR Lab is to provide VR technology services to students, faculty, and staff to campus members and outside community partners. 

Equipment and Room Reservation

The University Library VR Lab has numerous Meta Quest 2 HMDs (head-mounted displays) that students, faculty, and staff can check out for their research, development, or leisure needs. The computers in the VR Lab can also be reserved for your VR and 3D development needs. Visit our web page for more information on these services.

Faculty XR Consulting

Jason Peercy works diligently with the CTL and the XRI Faculty Fellows Grant to provide expert information to faculty seeking to implement XR technology in the classroom. Jason is a member of the XRI Grant Council who reviews, approves, and works with faculty partners at IUI, IUB, IUPUC, IUFW, and IUNW to achieve their XR classroom visions.

VR R&D Consultation

The VR Lab works with campus and community partners to facilitate research in the field of VR. We have conducted user experience research with Connections XR & facilitated participatory research in empathy with the Psychology Department at the School of Science here at IUI. If you or your group seeks to perform VR research, please contact the VR Lab Coordinator, Jason Peercy.

Classes and Presentations in the VR Lab

The VR Lab is now equipped to support XR and 3D Scanning related classes with up to 30 students. The lab currently hosts Travis Faas N339 on Mondays from 3pm to 6pm. The lab is also available to host lectures and presentations. Contact the VR Lab Coordinator, Jason Peercy, if you are interested in hosting a presentation or class in the VR Lab.

Guest Lecturing

Jason Peercy is available for in-class VR demonstrations and guest lecturing in the topics of HR implementation and history, audio and music history, XR experience development, and writing for games. Past collaborations include IUI Luddy School of Informatics N100 with C. Thomas Lewis, N430 Adv. Game Design and N305 TTRPG Creation & Development with Mat Powers, and IUPUC Management Course BUS-W 430 Organizations and Organizational Change with Kevin Jones.


The University Library and the VR Lab Coordinator are active partners in the XR and creative community in Indianapolis and beyond.

IU Indianapolis

The VR Lab and its campus partners hold monthly outreach events around the IUI campus. Frequent locations include the University Library, the Campus Center, the ITCT Building, the Idea Garden in Heine Hall and the Ruth Lilly Medical Library. Contact Jason Peercy if you would like us to table at an event on your campus.


The VR Lab conducts community outreach as well to raise awareness for VR training in the technical, medical, and safety fields. Contact Jason Peercy if your organization is seeking VR for their next community event.


Jason Peercy believes that collaboration is the key to the success in the XR community at IU. These are the IUI community partners who aid in the support and growth of XR technology on the IUI campus.


Randy Newbrough and the IUI Center for Teaching and Learning has been a major supporter of the University Library VR Lab and its growth. As the founder of the grant approving board for the Extended Reality Initiative Faculty Fellows Grant, Randy and the CTL has facilitated Jason Peercy the ability to support the XR needs of faculty at the IUI campus and beyond.

UITS Idea Garden

The UL VR Lab is excited for its partnership with Zachary Snyder and the Idea Garden. Through this partnership and campus outreach they have increased campus interaction and student participation with emerging technology. Zach and Jason work closely together to meet the technology needs and indirect education of students on the IUI campus.

RLML Maker Space

Cassandra Jones-VanMieghem and Amanda Papandreou of the Ruth Lilly Medical Library Maker Space collaborate with Jason Peercy and the VR Lab at campus outreach events that reach current and future students. Cassandra is also a member of the grant funding council for the CTL’s XRI Faculty Fellows Grant. Cassandra and Amanda are both 3D professionals at the Ruth Lilly Medical Library specialized in 3D printing and modeling.

UITS Microsoft Technology Ambassadors

Todd Kirk with the Microsoft Technology Ambassadors of UITS is an invaluable partner in campus outreach. As well, Todd is a council member of the XRI Faculty Fellows Grant and works closely with Jason through the VR Lab to consult faculty and meet the deliverables for their funding.