July Caption Contest

All are encouraged to enter captions to a photo in the Archives. The contest winner (as chosen by those sagacious heads at Caption Contest Central) will receive a Fabulous Prize.

Archives has zillions of university photos, and lots of them are goofy. Some are posted in IUI Image Collection for your edification and delight. This month’s Caption Contest photo from 1950 shows students preparing for the annual campus show, The Hoedown. Could it have been a demonstration of folk dancing? Or was it a newfangled toenail clipper? You decide!

Caption this photo and you may win our unmatched Fabulous Prize!


Black and white photograph. Two young women are standing, each with their right foot in front, between parallel bamboo stalks. Two other young women are squatting on either side, holding the bamboo stalks. One of the standing women is wearing an ornate dress and is of asian descent. The other standing woman has dark short hair, and is dressed in slacks and a white button up shirt. Over the top is a gauzy shirt of some kind. The two kneeling women are in white peasant shirts and skirts with plaid.


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